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Dalila Monfredini

Titoli dell'autore

Concetto di partnership sociale e applicazioni nel panorama europeo e internazionale digital
Formato: Articolo | POLITICHE SOCIALI E SERVIZI - 2011 - 1
Anno: 2011
This paper deals with the concept of social partnership from a sociological point of view, paying a particular attention on its possible applications in different social contexts. The author gives some definitions of social partnership, which is a polysemous and ambiguous term, closely linked to its birthplace and its context of application. After this brief introduction, the focus is put on the function of third sector, with its flexibility and closeness to the community needs. Third sector organisations have an important role in the creation of partnerships, they work with public and private actors in order to realize shared, multi-dimensional, well-organized and holistic projects. These interventions are addressed to specific social contexts and environments. Social partnerships need to develop a relational culture based on sharing, trust and reciprocity; they permit to realize something unique that a single actor could never reach alone. The author shows some experiences of partnership carried out in european and international realities. The necessity of cooperation crossing the borders becomes stronger and stronger. As a result, the level of social capital raises and several examples of good practises emerge; the aim is the production of experiences marked by originality, innovation and creativity.
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