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Favorire la partecipazione nell’ambito della salute mentale: il modello delle Family Group Conference digital
Formato: Articolo | POLITICHE SOCIALI E SERVIZI - 2012 - 1
Anno: 2012
The involvement of patients and families in the definition of care plan is not only a right, but also an essential element to ensure health protection. For mental health practitioners it could be really difficult to work consistently with the theoretical framework of participation. The Family Group Conference model, originated in New Zealand in the end of ’80s and internationally widespread, can be an effective way of working to involve the patient, his/her family and the other significant relationship. During a sequence of meetings, families, in collaboration with professionals, work to define a common health care plan. This is the result of a dialogical exchange between technical and experiential knowledge. The paper, after presenting the model in its general features, offers an analysis of the same within the specific context of mental health.
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Lavoro di comunità e lavoro sociale digital
Formato: Articolo | POLITICHE SOCIALI E SERVIZI - 2010 - 1
Anno: 2010
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